About Us

Everybody has a dream…or an idea…or something that they want to accomplish that seems to stay with them even though they may try very hard to set it aside. Getting sidetracked is a very easy thing to do as we go through this life, and something that started as a split-second notion that turned into a long-standing ache for completion will very often get put away into that attic trunk hidden in our mind until we think we have enough time to accomplish that tiny piece of potential that lies within us and the moment comes when one can finally make it a dream come true.

Many people have different reasons for why they want to do something, or why it is so important that a certain experience gets satisfied, and I am no different than anybody else. This dream of mine has been buried deep in the confines of my soul and just in the past couple of years have I had the courage to bring it out of its dream state and into solid form. It has taken many twists and turns and has morphed a bit from what my original concept was to what it is turning out to be and that’s okay. Growth is an important factor in the success of any dream.

Military Family Report is the beginning of a journey for me…and hopefully for many others…in rediscovering the important things in life, making sure we can focus on quality not just quantity, and to hopefully put some honor, integrity and loyalty back into society’s vernacular while supporting, helping and giving thanks to all of the people of this country that gave and continue to give a little extra so that the rest of us can live the life of our dreams.

I believe the first question people who visit this site will ask of me is:

Are you military?

I have never been a member of the United States Military. My connection to the military is by way of family and friends who have served or are serving now. The roots of my curiosity lie within my own father’s service, a POW survivor of the Korean War. His service and his experiences helped to shape me as a child and heavily influenced my adulthood. I believe his experience not only changed his life and shaped what he became, but mine and my siblings as well.

The text of the Telegram sent to my Aunt on 12/19/1951 ;

The Secretary of the Army has asked me to inform you that the name Arnspiger Neil G believed to be that of your brother is included in a list of Prisoners supposed to be held by enemy forces. This list was provided by enemy forces. It is not yet verified and no assurances as to its accuracy can be given at this time. When it is certain that this is a true list you will be notified as soon as possible and without request on your part.

WM E Bergin Magor General USA  The Adjutant General Of The Army 

I believe the second question would be:

“Why are you focusing in on the military?”

I will not be focusing on the Military as a whole and its actions, I will be focusing on the Military Families and the issues that they deal with on a regular basis.  There are so many things that can be talked about in our lives, so many incidents and experiences that jar our innermost self and stay with us for most of our lives, and while I have had many of these self-discoveries and many interests, I have also had an attraction, a curiosity, and a love of our military and a love of our country, and which is by far one of my most important interests.

So what do I think the third question might be?

“Do you think you can accurately speak about and represent a website that is military in nature?”

In the case of Military Family Report,  I definitely can.  Because I’m speaking about FAMILY.  I’m not going to talk about military absolutes or policies…I’m interested in the Military Family and all that it entails.   When a person enters into the military…and today it is an all-volunteer military…they bring everyone they know in it with them.  It is the lynchpin of their existence and I truly believe that not enough attention is being paid to this very important aspect of our United States Military.

So in the days and months ahead, I will reveal more about me and why I’m doing this and hopefully I will get some input from our military families about their experiences, their needs, their wants and desires and their lives, as well as trying to bring some value to their lives and create a place of support, commitment, connection and community while sharing the rich and varied experiences encountered every day by our Military Families wherever they are and whenever they served. I know many of you will be curious as to why this has become my passion, as well as the how’s and why’s and whatfor’s of this endeavor so please do not hesitate to ask me anything you want and I will do my best to explain and help you understand the Military Family Report and what we hope to bring to all the military families currently serving our country.

Jennie Kogak