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Here at Military Family Report, we know the irreplaceable role that you as grandparents play in our lives – whether as everyday people or active service members.

If you are a grandparent and have also served in the armed services, we believe that your story is made more unique, and your experiences during service to our nation should not be locked away in old photos and journals. your unique wisdom could be the best source of support and guidance for current and future service members.

You have lived life as a civilian, an active service member and now a veteran grandparent, so it is safe to say you have seen it all – and we would love to hear and share your story as we hope it would inspire, help, encourage and comfort current service members and their families.

If you are a spouse of a military grandparent, Military Family Report invites you to join with us and share your experiences regarding maintaining a family and marriage with your military spouse. Current members can use the knowledge you have regarding how you got through the tough times serving our country. You can provide a beacon of hope for a struggling military family.

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Also, there is support here for grandparents of active military personnel if they need help understanding the military as it is now.

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